SINEXCEL Static Var Generator


1. Working principle

External CT detects the load current, DSP tracks instruction current and calculates the reactive power change rate through the Instantaneous Reactive Power Algorithm. Then DSP sends PWM signal to IGBT driving board which can control IGBT on and off to generate inductive or capacitive compensation current. At the same time CT detects the output current and compensation result is fed back to DSP, then the next round of logic control is carried out to realize stable power grid.

2. Advantage

Superior performance (PFC 0.99&-1~1 Compensating)
Sinexcel SVG adopts inverter-based technology which is an active solution for power factor correction that it can realize step-less compensation without over-compensation and under- compensation. PFC process with both inductive reactive power and capacitive reactive power within 15ms and maintains PF 0.99at all timesirrespective of how much or how fast the system reactive power changes,instead of cap-banks can only compensate inductive reactive power.

High Reliability (long lifespan & operate normally in 15% THDV environment)
The MTBF (mean time between failures) of Sinexcel SVG is up to 100000 hours of operation, but for capbank whose available compensating capacity is directly determined by the capacity of every single capacitor whichwill decrease over time,it needs to be monitored and replaced at regular intervals.As cap bank is a passive solution, it works by changing the system impedance which can increase resonance risk. And capacitor impedance related to current frequency, harmonic currents cause an internal breakdown of the capacitors and may result in an explosion. Instead Sinexcel SVG is not influenced by harmonicand can operate normally in 15% THDV environment due to the inverter-based technology.

Moreover, Sinexcel SVG can compensate the leading and lagging power factor and has tolerance on the high THDI, THDU system.  

Module design (small size)

Sinexcel SVG is in an ultra-compact design which makes it can be easy installed and replaced. Wall-mounted and rack-mounted design with minimal footprint make it flexible to be integrated into the system, with its high density, 5 pcs 100kvar SVG can be put into one single cabinet, more than 70% space can be savedcompared with cap banks.

3. Application

Commercial infrastructure: hospital, railway station, airport, commercial building, theme park, wharf, IDC, etc.

Industrial: water treatment, drilling systems, oil & gas, food processing, car accessories manufacturer,power supply manufacturer, irrigation, wind farm etc.

4. Qualifications