VLT® Compact Starter MCD 201 and MCD 202

Compact but powerful soft starters

Two series of soft starters that provide a total motor starting solution for motors up to 110 kW. The MCD 201 offers efficient motor-starting features, while the extended MCD 202 version provides enhanced soft-start functionality and additional motor-protection features.

The series of soft starters offer easy DIN rail mounting for sizes up to 30 kW, 2-wire or 3-wire start/stop control and excellent starting duty (4 x le for 6 seconds; heavy starting ratings at 4 x le for 20 seconds). They are compatible with grounded delta power systems.

Supply voltages and power range

3 x 200-575 V…7.5-110 kW (200 A)
24 V AC or DC/110-440 V AC

Features and benefits

  • Easy connectivity for the soft starter to EtherNet/IP-based networks, such as Rockwell PLC systems
  • Panel space can be saved due to the compact size
  • Installation costs are minimized and power loss eliminated thanks to the built-in bypass
  • More starts per hour and a higher load is possible as a result of advanced SCR Control Algorithms that balance output waveform
  • Overall project investment is reduced due to essential motor protections
  • No external cooling or oversizing is necessary thanks to the maximum ambient temperature of 50°C without derating


Pumps, conveyors, fans, mixers and compressors.