VLT® AHF 005 & AHF 010 Harmonic Filters

Optimised harmonic performance for VLT® frequency converters rated up to 250 kW.

The VLT® Advanced Harmonic Filter has been specially designed to match the Danfoss frequency converters for unmatched performance and design.

Compared to traditional harmonic trap filters, the VLT® Advanced Harmonic Filter offers a smaller foot print and higher harmonic reduction

The filter is available in two variants, AHF 005 and AHF 010. When connected at the input to a Danfoss VLT® frequency converter, the harmonic current distortion generated back to the mains is reduced to 5% or 10% Total Harmonic Current Distortion (THiD) at full load.

With effi ciency exceeding 98 % the passive filters AHF 005 and AHF 010 offer cost-effective and very robust harmonic solutions specifically for power ranges up to 250 kW.

As stand-alone options the advanced harmonic filters feature a compact housing that is easily integrated into existing panel space. This makes them well-suited for retrofi t applications with limited adjustments of the frequency converter.

Power range:

380 – 415 V AC (50 and 60 Hz
440 – 480 V AC (60 Hz)
600 V AC (60 Hz)
500 – 690 V AC (50 Hz)

Enclosure ratings:

IP20 (An IP21/NEMA 1 upgrade kit is available)
IP00 (Forced cooling is required. There is no fan in the IP00 unit. Separate cooling measures must be implemented in the cabinet as part of the installation)